You may have arrived here when looking for me in any of the social networks from which I am, for the most part, absent.

This is my main web presence, where most of what I feel I have to write will be placed.  Occasionally, there will be links to other places, when that’s relevant.

There are three main areas here.  One will probably remain quite static, while I will write in the other two from time to time.

The first page, me, is fairly self explanatory.  It is designed to provide a short paragraph or two about who I am, if you really stumbled on this website by accident.

The second, now, will contain a list of the things I’m currently working on.  It might contain a list of previous things I’ve done,  or it might not.  I borrowed this idea from Derek Sivers – in whose website you may want to read a lot more.

The third, thoughts, will occasionally contain everything that I feel I need to convey to other people.  For the most part, it will probably contain review of recent books I’ve read, music I’ve heard, movies or TV shows I’ve seen.  When I am finally able to embrace the concept of producing more than I consume, I am sure that the page will contain a lot of advice on just how to go about that.

That’s pretty much it – I hope you enjoy whatever you find here, and please feel free to leave a comment in the contact page.