I am currently leading the Platform team in Tailor Brands.  You can read more about them here (you can even see a picture of me if you scroll down far enough).  It’s an amazing job, in an amazing company, and I’m learning new stuff every day and get to do a lot of interesting things with an amazing team (I think I’ve used the word amazing a record number of times in this paragraph).

I am currently studying six languages – German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Romanian and Arabic, for various reasons.  The first five are through Duolingo.  The last is through Drops.  Both applications are very useful.

I have finished my part in the translation of Derek Sivers’ latest book, “Your Music and People”, to Hebrew. [The book and its translations to various languages should be up on his site soon, and I will post a link to it when it’s available]

And reading.  Lots and lots of reading.  As part of my Sixty Books project, which will be completed soon, I am currently reading From Eternity to Here by Sean Carroll and A Philosophy of Software Design by John Ousterhout.